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Test Data As a Service

We saw lot of times when we have fixed data in excel sheets or hard coded data cause for many automation failures to overcome we have developed Test Data As A Service solution that works seemlesly.

Dynamic Data Mechanism

Many customers has challenge to maintain valid data because of varios reasons to get data corrupted and once automation run data state will get change to bring that data back to the original state will be quicker and neet.

Get Data as api call

Data required with variouse condtions our rule engine mechanism can filter data seemlesly and can be supplied as a service call for individual test conditions.


AyasCloud Test Execution Lab (ACTEL)

ACTEL is a browser automation solution compatible with Selenium, Cypress, Playwright and Puppeteer, Simple and extremely efficient solutions for your Selenium test infrastructure .

  • ACTEL-Run in your own cloud VMs
  • ACTEL-Run on your own Kubernetes or Openshift
  • Ayas Cloud Solution
  • 24/7 Support

Web/Mobile web Accessibility

Introduces how people with disabilities use the web. Describes tools and approaches that people with different kinds of disabilities use to browse the web and the barriers they encounter due to poor design.

Ayas Cloud Accessibiliy Framework(ACAF)

Our Test Automation frameworks equiped with multi level Accessibility standards like Section508, WCAG2.0, WCA2AA, WCAG2AAA, with great features to implement as part of regression test suite.

Onpremise Accessibility Central (OAC)

This solution is a web applicaton can be deployed with customer's networks wich can be used by UAT, Product teams can run Accessibility Scanners with out any coding skill, this supports both Authenticated non Authenticated pages, also provides great production monitoring.

Accessibility Web Service

This is a web service deployed with in customer's network which can enable dev teams and pipelines can run through this service easilty to identify issues early stage in the development to reduce cost of deffects.


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